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#IRchat Weekly Roundup 14

Posted by Astra Paterson-Taylor

IRchat Sept 9

Twitter made massive headlines this week with their planned IPO news. Elsewhere, Google+ have a new way to increase your post engagement and page followers, and the Weber Shandwick study gives us more stats to talk about Social CEOs....or is that Social C-Suites?

Twitter Becomes a Public Company

Twitter Files for IPO - What it means for users, investors and social media
A Short Post, a Big Splash: #TwitterIPO
Twitter files for IPO; Goldman is lead underwriter

This week, Twitter filed an S-1 with the SEC for a planned IPO, and as much as this wasn't really a surprise to most, it still generated about 64,738* articles and posts.

Should IROs care? Yes, it's a big deal. There hasn't been a major IPO in the tech sector for a while, and with Facebook's stock price floundering (up until recently) but LinkedIn consistently doing very well, the eyes of investors and social media users are on Twitter to see if they'll do any better, and how their product will be affected. They've already introduced promoted tweets, and seem to be making smart, long-term acquisitions. The pressure is going to be on Twitter to make money, and that means increasing monetizing. Will they do this well, and with a good balance of user-generated and paid content? Probably.

*Not a real number.

Google+ more valuable for IR?

Google+ Posts Are Now Embeddable Across the Web
Embedded Posts & Automatic Authorship Attribution Arrive on Google+

Google Authorship will be automatically added for your account if signed in, starting with WordPress and Typepad. And posts are now embeddable - users will be able to share, +1 and comment on the embedded posts, as well as follow you, right within the embedded post.

Why IROs should care: The ability to embed is another great way to both increase your engagement on posts and switch up the 'look' of your content, as well as simply let your web readers know about and follow your public company's page. If you also share relevant industry information that others have written, it looks less 'self-promotional', and you're more likely to have them do the same in return.

More ways for IROs to 'Humanize' the C-Suite

The Social Executive: Humanize the CEO

A recent study by Weber Shandwick has produced some pretty awesome stats around the perception of social CEOs. It showed that CEO's who don't engage in social media are 10% more likely to be seen as closed and misleading. Even more telling, 82% said they were more likely to trust a CEO who communicates through social media, and 94% of study respondents said that CEOs and leadership teams enhance the brand image by participating on social media.

Why IROs should care: These are some really specific answers and huge stats. We recently discussed a piece around whether CEO's should be social, however stats like these make the case for them to at least try. Start small if need be, with the odd sound bite or interview, them maybe a company blog post. And the onus isn't just on CEO's - the stat above about enhancing brand image refers to leadership teams too. IROs, get that C-suite fired up about engaging. Does your public company have an exec who is great on screen or in a podcast? Maybe you have one who likes writing about industry developments? Go find these things out, then leverage them and make those stats work in your favour.

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